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Macfarlane is another writer inspired by nature. He released his first book in 2003 (mountains of the mind) and has since gone on to become one of the most respected british travel writers alive today. His writings on nature and landscapes deal with man’s encounter with his surroundings. His writings convey an interest to improve the connection between mankind and the natural world, and his ‘trilogy’ of books, from his first in 2003 to the wild places (2007) and the old ways: a journey on foot (2012), all grapple with this notion, highlighting how people and landscapes are altered through the ever-increasing industrialisation of the countryside.

You’ve probably seen the come-on ads in web banners or your facebook feed, with a glamorous photo of a person with a laptop in a tropical locale. “launch your dream career as a travel writer today and get paid to travel the world!” all you have to do is sign up for their course to get all the “secrets. ” soon you’ll be able to expect “a complimentary week on an exotic asian island” or a luxury vacation in europe “with airfare and all expenses paid. ” just take this course and you’ll end up “on permanent vacation.

Travel writing was once something reserved for the pages of books, and glossy magazines, though today we live in an age where anyone can create their own platform, and become a travel writer purely based on their own means. Travel writing is certainly a more practical career goal than it used to be, though whether you’re writing for blogs, newspapers, or creating travel guides, the ability to create well written, quality content is still something you need.

So, you want to be a travel writer? there are plenty of reality doses out there already, so we’re going to focus on the positives, and what you can do to maximize your chances of travel writing professionally. One of the first steps: you should absolutely know your markets, and what types of travel writing are popular in them. In today’s competitive market, this knowledge can both help you structure your article and target the right audience.

Travel blogs, content and social media marketing

For famous travel writers like bill bryson, paul theroux, freya stark or rebecca west, travel writing was a specialised
subcategory of journalism or penned by those with money to travel. Travel itself was an expensive and rare experience. Working as a travel writer was an elite career reporting for a newspaper or magazine that featured stories about exotic places that seemed unreachable for most people. So what has changed? as new travel methods made the world seem a lot smaller and less expensive, internet use increased and content marketing and social media interaction developed, creating more options and opportunities than ever to allow you to become a travel writer.

As more people search online for travel ideas, they rely more on blogging , content marketing and social media. Travel writers with great conversational and social media skills who can engage an audience are in high demand. This field is highly competitive whether you are looking for paid opportunities or developing your blog.

Travelogues, travel memoirs and personal travel essays

If you’re a serial traveler you might already have your own personal collection of travel memoirs without even knowing it. Travel memoirs are nearly the same as travelogues, but not quite. Travel memoirs are a series of personal reflections of your trips as a whole. And in those reflections, you consider and write about how those experiences have transformed you, causing you to grow and evolve as a person.

How to Find Travel Writing Jobs You Want

So what sort of freelance writing jobs can you get? travel writing takes many forms. Some types are easy to get into, whilst others are harder but can produce a bigger result. Here is a quick list of places where you can find your dream travel writing job.

Social media groups, specifically on facebook, are awesome places to find full-time travel writer jobs. I recommend joining a few freelancer groups, blogging groups, and travel groups. Post relevant questions, observations, and advice in these groups and, if the group rules allow, let the group know that you’re looking for travel writing opportunities. Additionally, keep an eye on people posting ads for travel writers, or for writers in an.

Do you want to find the best travel writing jobs to boost your freelance writing income? are you wondering what the best travel writer jobs are? look no further as this article presents you with the top 15 blogger jobs for freelance travel writers. For many freelance writers, being a traveling writer means sitting on a beautiful little beach and sipping on a fresh olive martini. While there, you’re taking on the exotic sceneries and writing content about your latest hotel stay, your local exploits, or that fantastic breakfast you just had a sec ago.

Competition is high for paid writing jobs. Before you start, here are a few action items that will help increase your chances of success. Prove you are a great travel writer – either through developing a successful travel blog or creating a portfolio of high-quality travel pieces, display your ability. Guest post – pitch travel writing ideas , although guest blog posts are seldom paid. You can find guest post openings by looking at the submission guidelines for your targeted publication. Start with lesser-known travel blogs, then work your way to the top with paid writing jobs.



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